In the within of the own activity, beyond curing the commercialization of the conferred fruit and vegetable
products from the suppliers, to the same ones it supplies necessary a technical service for the activity of
quality to safeguard of the health and physical integrity
of the operating ones, the consumers and the
atmosphere in general terms. Decree legislative
N 155 of the 26/05/97;
Reg. the EEC N 178/2002..

The RI.MA. Ortofrutta has the purpose to increase, to value and of guardian the fruit and vegetable production of the own suppliers, in the picture of generates them guidelines of the national economy, also by means of the regularization of production, the concentration of the offer and the of the prices.
The continuous monitoring and attention the controls carries out to you during all the distance of the row, assures always the quality of our products. We more cultivate fruit and single vegetable in the zones adapted like climate, land and every agronomic culture for single product. We respect the seasonal productions in order to obtain in every cycle of cultivation the best of the quality with the maximum of the naturalness. The main products commercialize to you from structure RI.MA fruit and vegetable company are represents to you from the tomatoes, the salad, the radish, the Capsicum, the cucumbers, the Eggplant and to follow basil, beans, courgettes, celery and others vegetables.
The commercialization happens for approximately 90% in way directed with the purchaser, in this case the customer has the possibility to become account of person of the organization and the quality of the products offers from the Ri.Ma fruit and vegetable company and to choose in all tranquillity and emergency. The remaining sales contribution is destined to the domestic markets, always offering the standards of previewed qualities and hygienic-sanitary emergency from the norms currently in vigour.

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